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Your body is a wonderland Standard "Your body is amazing. Right now, whatever shape you are in, your body is an amazing machine that does so many cool things, from using the air in our environment to keep your brain alive to turning a bowl of cereal into an explosion of energy that allows you to run down the street to catch the bus. And knowing how to take care of that body is the most important information you can ever learn. Ever. — Cameron Diaz "The Body Book" I used to get sick all the time. Winter basically was a season of being sick, going to the doctor, missing school, getting better and then getting sick again 5 days later.

Give me my prescription for amoxicillin and send me on my way. I always needed to get doctor's notes explaining why I had missed 30 days of school each year. Well half of those were 'personal days' I used to just sleep all day or go shopping – but regardless, I was sick a lot. I never really took the time to learn or understand why I was getting sick and what the medicine I was taking was doing to my body. Throughout the last 5-6 years, I've become super interested in learning about health and what foods to eat/not to eat for my body not only to look but also feel great. And more often than not, the food that makes you feel your best will ultimately make you look your best as well.Check out this website on personal training course .

The more I learn, the more I want to learn and the healthier I've become. Fast forward to today and I basically never go to the doctor. If I get sick or start not feeling well I make sure to eat extra-clean — lots of green juice, water, tea, and get a ton of sleep. Less meat, dairy, alcohol, and definitely no processed foods. Within a day or two I'm usually back to normal. I used to think I had magical healing powers but the truth is your body can heal itself if you let it.

Given half the chance, the human body will heal itself by itself. The body is programmed to be healthy when provided with the right building blocks, such as organic, whole foods. You don't have to load up on antibiotics and "vitamin water", instead you can get all the medicine you need from the food you put into your mouth. Do you ever lose your appetite when you're sick or notice food doesn't taste the same? This is your body telling you to give it a break, maybe eat less and fill up on water and fresh vegetables and fruit. Sleep and take time to get better.